Mob Support

Join the MOB. Receive Support.

How to Apply

Decided you want to join the MOB Professional or Amateur Support Program. Send in your resume to [email protected]. If you don't have a resume, email us with a paragraph about your riding and racing. Our response time is always less than a week.

MOB Service

As a MOB team rider, you will receive a generous discount on all Mika Metals products. You will receive customer service second to none. If products are in stock, we always ship next day. We have no minumum requirements on what you order and you can order as many times as you want all year long.

Superior Products

Mika Metals strives to be the leader in product quality. Our bars are constructed of 6061 Aerospace Aluminum and have a unique design that allows them to retain maximum strength while still having the flex riders desire. Mika spockets are made from 7075 Aerospace aluminum, the highest standard in the industry. Their unique tooth design maximizes wear and lets you ride longer. The 520 Factory series chains have tensil strenth of 9100 and the x-ring is over 10,000. Compare that with any competitors and you will truly adjust less and ride more.

Smarter Design

Mika Metals leads the way in innovative ideas. Just check out our new Patent Pending Hybrid series handlebars. It is the first oversize bar to fit 7/8 clamps. No longer do you have to purchase oversize clamps to get the oversize strength